Articles Why are home prices so high and will they come back down? Let’s be honest, home prices in the Boulder Valley are high, like insanely high, so why are they not likely to fall (much)? Before we examine why high home prices are likely here to stay, it is helpful to quickly examine just how expensive the homes are here in Boulder Valley. High Prices Everywhere Any […]
Articles What will the ‘new normal’ look like for real estate? The past 16 months in Boulder Valley real estate has been an incredible (and, at times, terrifying) roller coaster ride, from almost completely shut down a year ago to an ultra-competitive buyer frenzy this spring. As one of my statistics-obsessed colleagues put it, “there are lines on all of my charts where there have never […]
BizWest What if this were another housing bubble? The average single-family home in the city of Boulder is now selling for more than $1,500,000, which is 24% higher than a year ago.  Likewise, the average single-family home in Boulder County almost crossed the $1 million mark at the end of March ($989,990). The sales-price-to-list-price ratio for single-family homes in Boulder County is above […]
Articles Spring advice for Boulder Valley home buyers In 2020, hopes were high for a much brighter 2021.  But from the continuing impacts of COVID to the devastating loss of 10 of our cherished community members in a horrific act of senseless violence, 2021 has offered little respite from the trials and tribulations of 2020.  And yet our resilient community will continue to […]
Articles Boulder Valley primed for its biggest real estate year ever 2020 was a chaotic rollercoaster for the Boulder Valley real estate market. Luckily, home values weathered the storm better than anyone could have hoped, and we are now primed for potentially the most real estate sales volume we have ever seen. Buyer Demand. Our company has tracked buyer demand on a daily basis for many […]
Articles Winter is coming, and impact on real estate uncertain Winter is coming and, much like the Game of Thrones series, no one can predict exactly what will happen with the Boulder Valley real estate market, but you can be sure that there are going to be some crazy plot twists — and we can hope that the forces of good will win out in […]
Articles What will Boulder Valley real estate look like in the fall? By “fall,” I mean autumn, not the fall of civilization, which one could be forgiven for misunderstanding.  The past six months have been a crazy rollercoaster ride, and many of the statistics we track indeed look like a sadistic rollercoaster.  One statistician remarked to me that “I have datapoints on my charts where no datapoints have ever […]
Articles Race and real estate: Past, present, and future Home ownership has been part of the American Dream since the founding of our republic. It confers economic benefits, a sense of safety and security, and can be a source of pride.  Sadly, for as long as this part of the American Dream has existed, it has not been equally available to everyone.  As you will see, […]
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Articles Boulder Valley Real Estate: The rise of virtual in real estate after COVID-19 It is evident that the world was woefully unprepared for a pandemic like COVID-19, and local real estate was no exception. COVID-19 wrought fright, confusion, and uncertainty on buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and legislators, as everyone tried to discern how best to navigate the crisis unfolding before them. Many contracts to buy and sell […]
Articles Real estate in the time of COVID-19 At the start of the year, I read an article about the 10 biggest threats to the global economy in 2020, written by a prestigious international organization.  “Global pandemic” did not make the list, which goes to show how generally lousy we humans are at accurately predicting the future.  As such, any predictions that I (or anyone […]
Articles Boulder Valley real estate – Rear and forward view The year 2019 was another very good year for residential real estate in the Boulder Valley, but unlike the previous five-plus years, it was marked by slowing appreciation, slightly rising inventory (finally), and longer average time on the market. In Boulder County, median and average sales prices of single-family homes increased by a very modest […]
BizWest Kalinski: How buying and selling a home will change in the Roaring 20s As we enter a new decade, the massive wave of technological advancements fueled by entrepreneurial tech companies has reshaped consumers’ expectations.  Companies such as  Uber and Amazon have both dramatically shortened the time that people expect to wait for gratification and raised consumers’ expectations with regard to the ease and smoothness of the experience.  That is, consumers now […]
Articles Council may be stealing economic opportunity If you are like a lot of people, your eyes may start to glaze over at the mere mention of “Opportunity Zones,” but stick with me as there is a fascinating story of apparent desperation, questionable motives, and possibly deceitful tactics in order to stem any growth in Boulder. What are Opportunity Zones anyway? Opportunity […]
Articles The end may be here (but don’t panic) At this time last year, our market was experiencing all-time highs for average home prices and all-time lows for housing inventory.  Many of the market indicators we track were pointing to continued strong demand and price appreciation, especially with the continued influx of people into Boulder and Broomfield counties.  And yet, with home price appreciation outstripping wage […]
Articles Where have all the buyers gone? A well-functioning market consists of two sides: suppliers who offer a particular good for sale and consumers who purchase those goods.  In the Boulder Valley residential real estate market since 2012, there have been more consumers looking to buy homes than there were sellers offering homes for sale, which has led to a long appreciation period for […]
Articles RE/MAX Elevate Calls Louisville Home Why Louisville and why now? Those are the questions RE/MAX Elevate, the sister franchise of RE/MAX of Boulder, had to answer when deciding whether to put roots down there with its first office. And the answers came easy. Louisville is to many the unofficial “Capital” of East Boulder County. Business booms there, school are great, […]
Articles Re/Max of Boulder owner to launch new Louisville office LOUISVILLE — Jay Kalinski, owner of Re/Max of Boulder, is opening a new real estate agency in Louisville under the Re/Max Elevate banner. The Re/Max Elevate office, set to celebrate a grand opening May 1, is at 724 Main St. Kalinski said agents had been clamoring for an office in eastern Boulder County because many […]
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Articles Colorado 5th Most Innovative State Colorado ranked as the No. 5 most innovative state in the U.S. and the achievement comes with perks. For example, innovation is a principal driver of U.S. economic growth, reports WalletHub, which points toward good news for Colorado’s economic outlook. “In 2019, the U.S. will spend an estimated $581 billion on research and development — more than […]
Articles Boulder-Area Home Sales Warm As Spring Approaches February’s Boulder-area home sales shook off January’s real estate chill with a rise in sales all around. But even with the significant jump for the month, sales for the year still lag compared with last year, which could be good news for those ready to buy a home in this competitive market. Single-family home sales […]